Friday, July 15, 2011

Follow the "Red" Brick Road

In Chapter Two of "Made To Crave" Lysa Terkeurst introduces her readers to her own way of handling the cravings that were taking her down a path of destruction and despair.  I loved reading about her daily happenings that were repeated day after day,  a daily agenda that mimicked my own.   One of her ways of tackling the monster we call "cravings" was to pray.   A craving would come and her prays would flow.  Some would include a prayer of gratitude for what she did have and others would be crys of help to overcome this horrible monster that seemed to follow her every move.

When I first started reading this chapter I thought to myself..."Prayer?  This is nothing new to me!".  But as I read on, my eyes were being opened to a wonderful new look at this type of prayer.   Lysa called it, "....laying a path for victory!",  brick by brick, prayer by prayer...she would take that craving monster down thru immediate prayer.   Don't you love it?!  

Here's some of the scriptures she used....
Psalm 5:1-3
"Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my sighing.  Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God,  for to you I pray.  In the morning, you hear my voice;  in the morning I lay my request before you and wait in expectation."

1 Corinthians 10:23 "Everything is permissible...but not everything is beneficial."

Today I'm starting to lay my own pathway, brick by brick, prayer by prayer to victory!  How will you lay your pathway to freedom and spiritual well-being?

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