Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Are Your Waiting Skills?

I don't know about you...but my waiting skills need a lot of work!   To be perfectly honest with you...having to wait on something tends to bring out a very unpleasant side in me.   I may not always show it...but the Lord knows exactly what's going on within His child.   I can become frustrated and very unsettled (the unsettled part comes because I like things in order, I like to have plans, agendas and know what's going to happen so I can "plan" for it and "please don't make me have to white out my calendar again" type of issues) ..which leads to a very real and ugly "it's all about me" attitude!

Are you surprised?  I'm not!  I have learned that in these types of sin is revealed so that it can be dealt with and then I am able to get on with whatever it is that He wants me to do.

This past week is a great example of how easy it has been for me to revert back to my old ways of being impatient and wanting answers NOW!   My waiting skills have taken a turn for the worse....that is until today!

This morning I was reading in Acts 1 again.   As I read down the paragraph...amazed at Jesus's presence during those 40 days,  I stopped at verses 9-14 (Acts 1:9-14 ... whenever you see these verses , hover your cursor over that verse and it should appear in a box above the verse.)  The disciples had just witnessed Jesus s' ascending (rising up) into heaven.  While looking upwards,  two angels stood beside them asking why they were looking up.  These two angels said that the Jesus they saw rising  will appear in the same way when the time is right!!  With God is it all about "right" timing!   Another reason why I must learn to wait well!  I want God's timing in my life...not my own!

In the next couple of verses (Acts 1:13-14) we are told that the disciples went  into the upper room and waited there with some of the other here is where I stopped and meditated on what I believe the Lord was telling me...vs. 14 "These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer, along with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.".

You may, like me have a lot of things that are not yet worked out...unknown directions...questions that can't be answered yet...plans that just aren't flowing as you would like them to due to areas beyond your control.   All these things require waiting.  All these things require devoted prayer and a heart and mindset that speaks "God sees...God knows...God will reveal and move in His perfect timing and way!"   I don't believe that we naturally flow into that mindset. I know that the enemy brings in confusion and uncertainty that seem to "just take us there".    But the God of all things has given us His promises...His Word that brings about peace and patience.

So like the disciples...I will pray,  seek peace in God's Word and wait!  Taking those frantic thoughts captive and remind myself and the enemy who exactly God is!   He is JEHOVAH-JIREH (the Lord will provide)...He is EL ROI (the God who sees me)...He is ELOHIM (the All-Powerful One)...and so so many other names come to mind, but these are a great start as I devote myself to waiting well!

How well are you waiting?   What has God shown you about your waiting skills?  What will you do with that knowledge?   I pray that you will receive and choose to "wait" well.

Waiting Well,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Are You Weeping?

     As I was reading about Mary Magdalene this morning....I couldn't help but be struck once again by Jesus's words to her..."Woman, why are you weeping?"  John 20:15-16.   Mary didn't even recognize Jesus....she thought he was a gardener...UNTIL....Jesus called her name "Mary"!  And when she heard her name....she turned and cried out "Rabboni" (Teacher)!   She saw him then...she recognized him although this scripture does not say that she fell at his feet,  but I would imagine that in her great excitement at seeing Jesus alive she could do nothing but fall at his feet. John 20: 17

     In my own life of struggles, tears, fears and failures....I have heard deep in my heart those words too, "Debbie...why are you weeping?".  In the bleakness of my confusion...I hear those words from God's Holy Word and I see that the tomb is indeed empty and my faith and hope arises and is strengthened!!   The truth of Jesus's resurrection shakes my very foundation and I lift my eyes to the heavens, rejoicing with David as he proclaims " my help comes from the Lord..." Psalm 121:1-2.  

Resurrection Day has passed...but the tomb remains empty...and my hope and faith will forever by changed!!
Are you weeping?   Then hear your Savior call your name and receive the hope and faith that accompanies the empty tomb!   Hallelujah....He has risen indeed!

In Him,

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 7 & 8 of Holy Week....Quiet Fear Turns Into Joyous Hope

     Today is Saturday, day 7 of Holy Week.  Jesus has been crucified,  put to death and has not been resurrected as of yet.  His disciples and others are in a state of shock and despair.   Fear and anxiety flowed among them as they waited to see if they too...would be arrested....found out....discovered!

     Have you ever experienced fear of the unknown....anxiety over what may come next?   Have great hope my friend....Saturday may have been full of questions and fear-but Sunday was not!!!   Questions turned into glorious answers and their fear turned into joyous celebration!!   HE HAS RISEN....THE TOMB IS EMPTY was shouted through out the country side....hope... great wondrous hope was felt once again.   You may know for sure....that the promise of hope is coming!   Hallelujah....tomorrow we will be shouting "HE HAS RISEN...HE HAS RISEN INDEED...THE TOMB IS EMPTY!!"


May your Resurrection Day be filled with the hope that only our Savior,  Christ Jesus can bring!!
In My Hope and Savior,
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