Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Psalm 19:7

"The Law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul. The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple." As I was dwelling upon this verse and realizing that it is God's Word that reveals His love and grace to His children, and it is His Word that brings about conviction and healing.....it was then that I understood once again that restoration and comfort, peace and contentment can only come from our Lord and His Word. The word testimony in this verse refers to the warnings of the Lord. As we look upon the warnings of God's Word and encourage others to do the same...there is great wisdom available to us all. We all need wisdom in this journey that we are on and we need to find peace and assurance in each step....and that can only be done by reading and adherring to God's promises and truths. Psalm 19 shows us two areas that God reveals Himself to us. The first area is recognized in verses 1-6 is through God's creation. The other area He reveals Himself to us is through His Law and verses 7-9 show us this area. Both areas glorify God and lead us into great praise and worship for who He is. Looking at God's creation we stand is awe of His power and might. Reading God's Word shows us His purpose, love and grace. David, the author of this psalm, describes God's Word in several ways. God's Word is not only the Law, but also the testimony, statutes, commandment, fear and judgements. David also shows us the qualities of God's Word....perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, enduring, true and righteous. And David doesn't stop there...he moves us into understanding what the Word of God does....it restores the soul, makes wise the simple, rejoices the heart, and enlightens the eyes. So, now that we understand what the Word can so for us and through us.....why wouldn't we want to read and learn all we can about this wonderful gift that has been given to us?

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