Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hand Signals

Hand signals....they are all around us.  We use them everyday in almost every situation.  Some have great ability to encourage and direct.  Others are used to break down and discourage.   They are a language all their own as we see them being used in Sign Language.

Today I was listening to a report on the Seahawkes Football Team and their win last Sunday at the Superbowl.  I don't know names or positions but this one football player said that one of the reasons they won the game was because they figured out the opponents quarterback hand signals.   And if you watched the game you can truly see that that is what happened.   They figured out their hand signals and changed their direction accordingly!  Wow...well done Seahawkes!

My thoughts started swirling around as soon as I heard those words..."we figured out their hand signals".   As Christians we are on our own team...and the enemy is constantly giving hand signals to his team members that bring about confusion and despair in our daily lives.  To keep with the football theme, we can look at it this way....the opposing team (the enemy of this world) has their own game plan to bring down the other team (us).   They have their own agenda,  plans and signals to bring about the win.  The good news is that I have looked at the final play in our playbook (the Bible) and I know who wins...we do!!

To bring this in alittle thoughts took me to the realization that we too have to figure out the enemy's hand signals!   We need to be aware of his tactics and keep our spiritual eyes opened to each play.   But how do we do that?   I don't have all the answers...but I know the ONE who does.   In my quiet time I'm going to be asking the Lord to show me specifically those hand signals.   To help me be more sensitive to the Holy Spirits urges and leadings.  To receive from God's Word the truths about the enemy and to take those truths I can be alert and aware when the enemy is messing with me and with the "playbook" that God has given me.

Let me know your own thoughts and if you have any of your own ideas as to how to recognize those hand signals!

Determined to be equipped for the "game",
Team Player....Debbie


  1. Great post, Debbie! As I read the post using football as the comparison of our lives as Christians in battle with the enemy, I couldn't help but think that our uniforms are the full armor of God, our offensive line is God's army of angels, our quarterback is the Holy Spirit, our coach is the Father, and our prize is Jesus Christ! Our team name would have to be Heaven's Saints...not to be confused with those New Orleans Saints!

  2. Love ur added team info....perfect girl!

  3. I'm going to be praying this with you. Thanks for sharing what you're learning. Miss seeing you. :)