Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Crowds Are In Your Life?


                   Mark 9:30-31
" They left that place and passed through Galilee.  Jesus did not want anyone to know where they were because he was teaching his disciples."

A very dear friend of mine sent me a devotional through my email.
The devotional used this scripture and spoke on the need that Jesus had to draw away from people and be just with his disciples, so he could teach them and tell them about his coming death.

I love the way this devotional then led me into my own need to "draw away" so that I too.....may be taught by Jesus.   Mike MacIntosh with Horizon Online used the key word "crowds" referring to what crowds are in our own lives that are keeping our attention away from God's Word and the teaching that we need to receive from Jesus.   

The "crowds" that came into my mind almost immediately were: T.V....cell phone games....texting and internet searches.   Ouch...did I really just put that out there for all to see??!!  I can easily rationalize each one of these "crowds" in my life and I'm asking God to show me any more that may be trying to hide.   But rationalizing doesn't get me any closer to the desired walk and intimacy I crave with my Heavenly Father.   

I know that all of us have some sort of crowds....yours could be and the list can go on and on.   So...why not take a look inside your own life and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any "crowds" that may be lurking around robbing you of your time learning from Jesus.

Here is Mike MacIntosh's link:

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