Saturday, October 9, 2010


PRIDE. In Proverbs 16:18 it says, "Pride goes before destruction,..." and in Proverbs 11:2 it says, "When pride comes then comes disgrace, and with humility comes wisdom.".
I have experienced both these verses up close and personally.
Have you ever been disciplined by the Lord? You know what I'm talking about....when the Lord reveals an area of your life that is NOT pleasing to him. An area or weakness that has probably gone on way too long and is finally brought to the surface by the Lord stirring up the "muck and yuck"!! It's not pretty when that happens....and it's very humbling and often painful....but on the other side of that discipline is restoration, freedom and joy!
I have carried this ugly pride with me for a long time and it has shown it's ugly face in many different ways and in many different areas of my life. Some I have recognized as pride and others I didn't recognize at all. Pride can wear many different and unique masks and if we hang on to it long enough....we become very comfortable wearing each mask.
When the Lord started stirring up that "muck", I started thinking about what I really understood about pride. I knew that it started way back with satan, when he decided that he had more going on than God Himself!! Can you imagine that....the created angel who had it and wisdom (Ezekiel 28:12), lived in the most unique of places (Ezek. 28:13), wore dazzling apparel (vs.13) and belonged to the cherubim who were associated with guarding the holiness of God (Ezek. 28:14, Genesis 3:24)* He had it all and yet he demanded more!! He allowed pride in what and who he was to take over. All he could see was himself, his beauty and his talents.
PRIDE.....def.....1. a high opinion of one's worth or possessions; ( arrogance, conceit).
I'm not really sure when it got all out of hand, but I will tell you that the Holy Spirit has been urging me away from it for a while now. It's funny (not really) how we can ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit when we want to. We easily excuse our behaviour away or push it aside for a rainy day. My pride came in the form of my children, my singing, my speaking and ministry and yes...even my blogging! I even found a slice of pride in my cooking. When I asked the Lord to reveal ALL OF IT to me, I was brought to my knees in shame and horror! I just couldn't believe that it had slipped into so many crevices of my life.....silently oozing it's way into the nooks and cranny's of my every day living. My thoughts were no longer my own.....they belonged to PRIDE! Until that day I faced it head on....dressed in full armor....ready to conquer it thru the blood of Jesus Christ! I acknowledged my sin, my part...all of it. I sought my loving Heavenly Fathers forgiveness and I was forgiven and restored by His great love and mercy! The battle was over and there laid PRIDE on the ground, beaten and bloody! Wow....I feel like I'm writing a novel or something...sorry about that.
I have asked the Holy Spirit to help me be super sensitive to any pride that may try to creep back in and so far He has. It doesn't take much for it to take root I deal with it as soon as I see it. Is there a battle with pride in your life that your Heavenly Father is wanting you to fight? Is it time to shine up your armor and suit up? God is waiting for you to deal with this issue or any other that you might be ignoring....the time is now....forgiveness is yours for the asking. Restoration and freedom feel so much better than any sin can ever feel. God is good!
*Basic Theology by Charles C. Ryrie

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